The “Knockout” You’ve Been Waiting For

NEWS RELEASE 5/20/2016


For Immediate Release


San Angelo, TX – Principal LED is proud to introduce their latest LED lighting solution: The Street Fighter Knockout™.


The Knockout™ is a revolutionary new product with a patent pending design featuring a truly unique optic lens. The lens has a beam angle that allows you to light a variety of cabinet sizes and depths with less modules, and time, than you ever thought possible.
Its claim to fame is saving sign builders valuable time by reducing their module count. The unique design boasts a coverage of nearly 2’x2’ with only one module with spacing of 24” between each module. Imagine covering the same cabinet that used to take hundreds of modules with a fraction of that.


“This is a product unlike any other and we are proud to introduce it to our customers,” says Principal LED Partner, Bryan Vincent. “We see value in its ability to save sign companies time and money when you consider how fast and easy it will be to assemble a large sign. It nearly redefines the process.”


It’s bright. Optic lenses are nothing new to the sign industry but the Knockout™ takes it to the extreme. You can look at it directly (which allows for the shallow depths), but from the side it’s nearly blinding.


The Knockout™ is part of the Street Fighter series and comes with the same 5&5 Warranty*and trusted performance ratings. It comes in “Smart Packaging” which means one power supply per box. The Knockout™ can run up to 8 modules on one power supply with no light loss. In other words, you can cover up to a 32 square foot area with one power supply and only 8 modules with the Knockout™!


Blake Vincent, Principal LED co-owner and VP of Sales and Marketing explains, “I’m thrilled to introduce this product to the sign industry. It’s one of those products you get excited to talk about because of how much it’s going to change and streamline your day-to-day operations when it comes to populating cabinet signs. What might have taken a sign builder an afternoon, can now take less than 15 minutes!”


This product needs to be seen to be believed. Contact a distributor near you today to learn more and see for yourself. Our mission is to simplify the lives of our customers through innovation and we’re proud to say this product does just that. Visit to learn more and to view our “Where to Buy” page.


*5 year product, 5 year limited labor warranty when used as a system with a Principal LED power supply. Please visit our website for a detailed warranty statements



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