Announcing the New Solder Free Qwik Connect S3ystem™ Light Tape

News Release | October 24, 2016


SAN ANGELO, TX –  What’s the most tedious and frustrating part about using light tape? Many would say the soldering process. Principal LED has heard your pain and is excited to introduce a “Simple, Secure, and Solderless” solution called the Qwik Connect S3ystem™. This light tape system is designed with simple crimp connections to make your assembly a breeze.


The S3 stands for Simple, Secure, and Solderless:

  • • SIMPLE – Simply match the micro-rivet holes and crimp. The Qwik Connect Crimper™ is available exclusively from P-LED.
  • • SECURE – Once the crimp is made you have a permanent and secure connection that won’t break.
  • • SOLDERLESS – The Qwik Connect S3ystem™ removes the need for laborious soldering and removes the possibility of electrical shorts and opens.


Qwik Tape™ uses the same LED chip used on the Principal LED Street FighterTM Series. This allows an easy mix and match between signs using Street FighterTM and Street StikTM products.


The patent pending new Qwik Connect S3ystem™ brings together the flexibility of light tape with the convenience of on-site fabrication and solderless assembly. Our Qwik Tape™ collection gives you more options than ever with the Prime (175 LM/ft.), Prime HD (350 LM/ft.), and Punch (365 LM/ft.). Accessories include our Qwik Connect Crimper, Whips, and Jumpers. Available now from a distributor near you.


At Principal LED we are devoted to simplifying the lives of our customers and we believe this product helps to do just that. To learn more about the Qwik Connect S3ystem™ and our many other innovative sign illumination solutions, visit  or call (325) 227-4577.




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