Principal LED Hires Executive VP of Operations

Principal LED is pleased to announce Paul Chintapalli as their Executive Vice President of Operations. Chintapalli will play a vital role in positioning the company for its next phase of growth in assembly operations and manufacturing. Chintapalli graduated from Texas A&M University with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and has a Bachelor of Science in Communications Engineering degree from Andhra University College of Engineering.

“Coming with an engineering background and entrepreneurial mindset, I can say my strengths surround methodical and systemic improvements in operational efficiencies, cross-functional leadership, strategic thinking, mentoring, and a constant drive towards excellence in all aspects of the company,” Chintapalli said.

Before coming on board with Principal LED last month, Chintapalli was working for a reverse logistics company managing supplier quality issues. Prior to that he co-founded Genesis LED Solutions, an LED lighting company. With a strong background in engineering and the LED industry, Principal LED is confident Chintapalli’s skillset will aid Principal in continuous growth and innovation in the sign industry.

“Paul brings leadership qualities that will support future growth through innovation, constant process improvement, heightened quality assurance techniques and employee development,” COO and President, Jim Shaw said. “We believe producing value in our customer service and support, continuing to introduce innovative new products and providing quality products at competitive prices is the road map to being number one in the Signage LED space; I believe Paul will be instrumental in helping us raise the performance bar in many key areas of our business.”

“I look forward to orchestrating and implementing measures to improve operational efficiency, which would help in providing consistently short customer delivery time,” Chintapalli said. “This would help elevate internal disciplines to be a true lean manufacturing company.”