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Roderick Sign Company
While other LED companies may claim to have the best solution, we trust Principal LED because they specifically research and develop their products for the sign industry. The Jellystone Park sign is a great example of the versatility and quality provided by the PLED family of LED's."
Mikal Harn, Comet Signs
We use Principal LED in all our products because they are reliable, energy efficient, and bright. We chose these products because they would fit into the spaces and provide for proper and even illumination without hot spots. For example, we used the Street Fighter Mini Colors instead of other LED products such as box lighting LEDs because of their small size and their pitch allowed for them to both fit inside the reveal and not show red spots. Of course, these LEDs were also chosen because they come in red, which made for a very vibrant effect with the red painted reveal."
Carl Rueff, Rueff Sign Co. Inc.
We had a very thin letter that needed to be dimmed. The Qwik Mods (1) with Dimmer combo was the way to go."
Bill Rogers, Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems
We could not be happier with our new sign; it looks great during the day and even more incredible at night. The way the sign illuminates the area around it is stunning, and the halo lighting really makes the text on the sign stand out. We truly could not have asked for a better result."
Julie Knutsen Outdoor Dimensions
"We chose the Principal LED Street Fighters for the price, warranty and most importantly the reliability."
Howie Thompson Ziglin Signs
Surrounded by the rolling hillsides and panoramic vistas of Orange County, Altair has elevated the master-planned living experience to a new level of luxury.The electrical monument sign for Altair had to reflect that elevated luxury feeling. The client was very pleased with the clean simple design and final fabrication of the halo lit channel letters and lighting provided by Principle LED products."
Julie Knutsen Outdoor Dimensions
"The project originally called for blue LEDs, but when we suggested using the Principal RGB LEDs with the RGB remote control, the client became very excited about the ability to change the logo color for holidays, remembrances, showing solidarity with causes, etc.. Principal was instrumental in the process, answering any questions we had about the installation of their products, and the layout services ensured we had everything we needed to ensure our client was overwhelmed with the finished product."
-Brandon Snyder Lassiter Industries
"We gave a presentation to SWA (architect) and showed them a mock up letter using P-LED warm white Street Fighters. Our presentation also illustrates the quality and service we get from P-LED and GSG. That was enough to change the lighting to P-LED. This architect now trust us to provide lighting specifications for signage."
-David Stone Vistex Graphics
“We’ve used Principal LEDs for years, but the Qwik Mod Series represents a step change in the evolution of LEDs for signage,” Gamber said. “We’re finding application for Qwik Mods in cabinets with varying depths. Plus, our assemblers appreciate the Qwik Release Tabs and ease of application.”
-Joe Ontjes Luminous Neon Art and Sign Systems 
"Boondocks Grill & Bar, isn't your average restaurant. It's a place where you can eat, listen to live music, and view of some of the most spectacular hand-carved wood, art and decor reminiscent of the 1940's Louisiana Bayou. It only made sense for us to design their sign to mimic the wood and rustic art theme that runs rampant throughout the restaurant. We chose Principal LED for this project because the versatility and dependability of the Street Fighter line. We illuminated both the monument sign and wall letters with Street Fighter LED modules. White LEDs gave the bottom portion the monument clarity, and the channel letters of both signs were reverse lit with red. The red was chosen for the warm, retro vibe it gives off; reminiscent of an old neon sign peering through a misty swamp."
-Chuck Knight Heritage Signs  
For over the last 11 years, since LED really started being prominent in the signage market, we have tried over 27 different suppliers. I am happy to say that Principle LED has thus far, been the best product on the market. We work with many national chains as well as local business owners in regions across the United States. We have yet had someone opposed to retrofitting or manufacturing with their LED after explaining the benefits and quality over their competitors. Thank you Principal for introducing exciting, industry changing products into our market. We look forward to being a continuing customer for years and years to come."
-Deven Ziertman  Electro Signs And Design
"My wife, whom I love dearly, would say that this sign is cute. I would instead describe it as very effective. Not always easy to do at 90' above the ground, but this sign does the job it was hired to do - which is to identify my client's location both during the day and at night. Thanks to the team at Principal LED for helping us shine brightly!"
Steve Barnett A-1 Signs, LLC
These signs are stunning and very unique, love love! The lighting is amazing.
Julie Knutsen Outdoor Dimensions
The really cool part is the horse head. It is wrapped in the Avery Blue chrome wrap vinyl!  Nice way to bring together an electrical sign and using a very expensive wrap vinyl to give it a very different "classy " look.
Matt Smith GSG, Dallas 
The employees that worked on the project said that this was the easiest product to work with. The job turned out amazing and has opened up more opportunities for them and me.
Matt Goodman N. Glantz & Son 
We were very happy with how the project turned out, and more importantly, our client was, in their words, "ecstatic."
Mike Reilly Starfish Signs and Graphics
The top sections have the lamps in them and of course some are out. But the bottom section has the new P-LED Tap Out in it. "WOW..." was the word both the sign guy and the owner of the shopping center said! So the owner of the shopping center may be spending more money initially, but we all know if we were driving down the street we would notice and probably pull into a shopping center with the bottom section versus one with the top section. And of course, there is no warranty on lamps, while the LEDs have a 5 year warranty. It’s a no brainer!
Matt Smith GSG, Dallas 
We use Principal LEDs on all of our projects. We used to use a HUGE name brand that also makes TVs, but found that the quality in Principals are on par and cost less. One major service they provide are the layouts and power supply count. This has made ordering and installing the LED modules simple and easy without having to manually calculate them.
Justin Bellamy, Signarama, Houston, TX.
This monument sign sits along the I90 interstate in Rockford, IL on the campus of the new, state-of-the-art Swedish American Hospital Cancer Center. The 9'x22' cabinet features 3" deep channel letters lighted with Fusion 3 LED's for maximum impact and legibility to the traffic passing by on the Interstate. The 21' tall brick monument also features a 55" tall logo and a 22"x20' cabinet, both also lit with Fusion 3.
James Hubbell Signs Now - Rockford, IL
Street Stik HD really shines at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Dothan, AL.
Chris Hamilton Gator Sign Company, Inc.
It’s the brightest sign in El Cajon. Thanks so much for your help, and having a great product for my customers.
Rick Beam Owner Rick's Sign & Lighting Service - Alpine, CA
Principal LED offers a wide range of products to enable us to push the limits of design, innovation and efficiency. They always go above and beyond with impeccable service as a valued industry partner. All that coupled with a warranty second to none we couldn’t ask for anything more.
David Wade Ad Art Sign Company
Daytime view and some photos we took in the shop with the LEDs changing colors. This is a router cut aluminum face with acrylic push thru letters and opaque vinyl on the face of the letters. We used the Principal RGB Fusion 2 LEDs for this project and gave the customer a controller to change the colors as they saw fit. Customer was extremely happy with the sign and the staff here was happy to put out such a cool sign that could change lighting colors anytime the customer wanted. This is the first sign we have done like this with changing LED colors, but it won’t be our last.
Matt Garves La Crosse Sign Co.
Here is a photo of the sign we used the fusion freedom ”Orange Peel” color on. They worked awesome!
John Johnson Johnson Sign Co.
Principal LED offers a wide range of products to enable us to push the limits of design, innovation and efficiency. They always go above and beyond with impeccable service as a valued industry partner. All that coupled with a warranty second to none we couldn’t ask for anything more.
David Wade Ad Art Sign Company
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