Light Tape 300

Light Tape

Key Features

  • Ideal applications include accent and cove lighting, edge lit acrylic, and thin channel letters
  • Reduced labor and install time versus other LED systems
  • VHB tape for direct mount to substrate
  • Excellent price per lumen value
  • Complete range of connector and control options



Beam Angle 120˚ High Dome, Lambertian
Certifications UL & cUL Recognized (SAM Manual), CE, CSA, RoHs
Dimensions (Single Color) Indoor: 0.32″W x 196.8″L x 0.08″H
Outdoor: 0.4”W x 196.8”L x 0.18”H
Dimensions (RGB) Indoor: 0.4”W x 196.8”L x 0.18”H
Outdoor: 0.47”W x 196.8”L x 0.18”H
Efficacy See Product Options
Fastening Peel & stick and added silicone
Input 12VDC
Intensity See Product Options
Max Mods (Series) N/A
Operating Temp -40° to +60°C
Packaging 16.4 ft (5m) reel
Power See Product Options
Power Supply P-LED 12VDC
Protection Grade IP65 (-N) / IP67 (-P)
Run Footage See Product Options
Warranty 3-Year Product

Product Options

Color LED/reel Wavelength / CCT Efficacy Intensity Power (Watts/ft.) Run Footage (60W Supply) Indoor Part Number Outdoor Part Number
RGB 150 RGB 150 N/A N/A 1.8 33′ PL-LT1-RG1-N PL-LT1-RG1-P
Red 300 625nm 22 LM/W 33 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-RD1-N PL-LT1-RD1-P
Amber 300 592nm 23 LM/W 35 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-AM1-N PL-LT1-AM1-P
Green 300 525nm 35 LM/W 52 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-GR1-N PL-LT1-GR1-P
Blue 300 460nm 9 LM/W 14 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-BL1-N PL-LT1-BL1-P
Warm White 300 3100K 83 LM/W 125 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-WW1-N PL-LT1-WW1-P
Med. White 300 4300K 100 LM/W 150 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-MW1-N PL-LT1-MW1-P
Pure White 300 6000K 100 LM/W 150 LM/ft 1.5 40′ PL-LT1-PW1-N PL-LT1-PW1-P

Note: Available in indoor (-N) IP65 and outdoor (-P) IP67 options.


Check tape for polarity as colors vary

RGB Checklist

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