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Qwik Connect™

Qwik Connect Crimper™

  • Heavy duty, durable design
  • Quickly and securely connect S3 Qwik Tape™ and connectors or whips with this specially designed crimper


  • Securely connect two Qwik Tapes™ using the specially designed connectors
  • Patent Pending micro-pop rivet for secure, solder free connection


  • Easily connect your Qwik Tape™ to the power supply
  • Pre-soldered whips and easy connector technology saves you time
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Product Part Number Packaging
Qwik Connect Crimper PL-S3-CRIMP 1 ea.
Qwik Connect Whip 5mm PL-S3-CON-5MM 100 pc.
Qwik Connect Whip 8mm PL-S3-CON-8MM 100 pc.
Qwik Connect Jumper 5mm PL-S3-JUMP-5MM 200 pc.
Qwik Connect Jumper 8mm PL-S3-JUMP-8MM 200 pc.
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