Street Fighter Mini Colors

Street Fighter™

Key Features

  • Great for small channel letters
  • Great in areas with indirect water exposure or salt spray
  • Split wires for easy module adjustment and splicing
  • LM-79/LM-80 third party tested
  • VHB tape coupled with a mechanical screw-hole mounting option



Beam Angle 120˚ High Dome, Lambertian
Certifications UL & cUL Recognized (SAM Manual), CE, RoHs
Dimensions 0.3″W x 1.2″L x 0.17″H
Efficacy See Product Options
Fastening Peel & stick, silicone required
(Peel and stick for temporary placement only)
Input 12VDC
Intensity See Product Options
Max Mods (Series) 45 mods (10 ft.)
Operating Temp -40° to +140˚F (-40° to +60˚C)
Packaging 180 mods (40 ft.) per bag or 7,200 mods (1,600 ft.) per case
Power See Product Options
Power Supply P-LED 12VDC
Protection Grade IP67
Run Footage See Product Options
Spacing 4.5 mods/ft (fully stretched)
Warranty 10-Year Product / 5-Year Limited Labor

Product Options

Product Wavelength Efficacy Intensity Power Run Footage Part Number
RED 625nm 19 LM/W 6 LM/mod (27 LM/ft) 0.32W/mod (1.44W/ft.) ) 180 mods (40 ft.)/60W PS PL-OP5-SC2-P-RD (M-SFMC2-RD)
GREEN 525nm 46 LM/W 11 LM/mod (49.5 LM/ft) 0.24W/mod (1.08W/ft.) 180 mods (40 ft.)/60W PS PL-OP5-SC2-P-GR (M-SFMC2-GR)
BLUE 460nm 13 LM/W 3 LM/mod (13.5 LM/ft) 0.24W/mod (1.08W/ft.) 180 mods (40 ft.)/60W PS PL-OP5-SC2-P-BL (M-SFMC2-BL)


White/Red Positive
White Negative


Depth* Max. Stroke Row Spacing
Single Row Multi-Rows O.C.
2″ 3″ 2.5″
3″ 5″ 5″
4″ 6″ 6″
5″ 8″ 6″
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