Street Wrap™ Accessories

Street Wrap™

Round out your Street Wrap installation with related accessories

  • Rain shield coupling
  • PLTC Wire (18 gauge)
  • End cap
  • Corner cap
  • Mounting brackets (with or without hole)
  • Angle bracket



Product Options

Product Code Description Packaging
PL-LE3-RS-CL Rain Shield Coupling 1 ea.
PL-LE3-PLTC-18-2 PLTC Wire – 18 gauge (per foot) 1 ea.
PL-LE3-CAP-CL End Cap, LSN 1 ea.
PL-CNR-CAP-CL Corner Cap 1 ea.
PL-LE3-MBH-XX Mounting Brackets with Hole 1 ea.
PL-LE3-MBN-XX Mounting Bracket 1 ea.
PL-L-BKT Angle Bracket 1 ea.

XX = Blue (BL), Green (GR), Red (RD), White (WH)

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